Old People Food

In the summer time when I was growing up, I often spent a day and night with my grandparents. I loved the way my grandmother (whom we all called “Ba”) would tell me stories of her childhood. She had three sisters and four brothers; as an only child myself, I wondered what it would be like to grow up with brothers and sisters.

When I stayed overnight on a weekend, I enjoyed Ba’s wonderful cooking. My mother herself was a terrific cook, but she hated breakfast. (Luckily for me, I did as well, my breakfasts all the way up into high school was a glass of Carnation Instant Breakfast; remember those? Ba would make a breakfast to feed any army; delicious scrambled eggs with cheese, lots of crispy bacon, and buttered toast.

Lunch time was a full meal; meat and potatoes, salad, her wonderful homemade bread, and dessert could be anything from one of her fabulous cakes, or pies, or cookies or an ice cream sundae. Dinner time was TV time, and Ba would get the tray tables so we could watch and eat at the same time. Dinner was usually soup and sandwiches; always delicious.

At my house, dinner was the “big meal” of the day, so eating at my grandparents house was a different experience. Actually, it was the first time I realized that not everyone ate as I did or lived as I did. It was sort of a classroom experience to understand how different people live and eat and so on.

Now that the Crankee Yankee (70) and I (nearly 69), we often find that we do about the same things my grandparents did. Turns out that we sleep better on a soup and/or sandwich dinner. I remember how much I ate as a child and later in college. I could down an entire pizza at midnight and sleep like a baby all night. Just thinking of that gives me the collywobbles (as the Brits would say)!

Funny how it is that we too usually have soup ourselves for supper, or a bowl of cereal. Yup, old people food!

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