Just Because We Can, Should We?

I wrote this quite a while ago regarding driverless cars. The idea of it scared me senseless then, and it still scares me now.


Is anyone else concerned or worried about driverless cars? By this time, we have all heard about the woman who was killed when a driverless car (with an actual human inside it) ran into her. For whatever reason, it didn’t recognize her as a human being. I don’t know about you, but it chilled my blood.

And what about all those creepy robots that are being made now? There was a robotic dog that could open doors, but when told to stop or when it was restrained, it still tried to open the door. Then there is a headless robotic deer; made for what reason I can’t tell. Watching it bounce along with no head was extremely creepy.

Then there is the new trend to “smart homes.” This means that virtually anything and everything in the home can be controlled via smart phone or other device. While I’m sure that this gives people who are away from their homes peace of mind, it makes me wonder when or if the system may fail. If that happens, how do you get back in your house and control it?

And this one is pretty new: now the “on trend” thing is to use your own face as a password! Really?!? What if someone tries to rob you and knows that all they have to do to get to your money is to shove your face into a scanner?

I’ll bet you anything that we will soon see Big Brother first suggesting, and then demanding that we all get microchipped so that “should anything happen to you, we can find you.” Does this give anyone else the shivers? And I’ll bet the scenario will start like this: they will start microchipping newborn babies “because this will stop people from stealing your children.”

Sheesh, all this sounds like a bad science fiction movie, but robots and their ilk are a real thing. Heaven only knows what will come next. As the late and wonderful Dorothy Parker used to say, “what fresh hell is this?”


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