18 Years Together!

Yesterday the Crankee Yankee and I celebrated our 18th anniversary. We’re not ones to make a big deal out of it; we give each other sweet cards and say “awww!” The cats just roll their eyes as we do this; it’s really difficult to impress a cat anyway.

So, what did we do to celebrate? Well, I went food shopping and the Crankee Yankee worked outside in the back yard. Lest you think that we should have made a bigger deal out of 18 years together, I’ll explain why: we are just too damned lazy. I know he will ok any piece of jewelry I want, so I can do that anytime. Also I know he loves salted cashews, so I always get him a big bag of them and he’s a happy camper.

I always wonder how other people celebrate their anniversaries; personally I think it’s entirely up to the couple to do whatever they like. Everyone celebrates as they will, and it’s fun to hear from folks who do special things on their anniversaries. I say more power to them; it’s all about what you like. An anniversary is a mile stone, and as such should be celebrated in some way.

We have known each other for years, and both of us married other people. Long boring story short, we both eventually divorced our first marriage partners. We lived our separate lives for many years; the Crankee Yankee become a long distance trucker and traveled all over the country, and I lived and worked in Texas for quite a few years. My parents had always adored the Crankee Yankee, so when he called them to get my phone number, they happily gave it to him.

As he was traveling through Texas, he asked me out to dinner. We talked for hours; in fact, we stayed there talking until the restaurant closed up. Both of us hated to leave, but we promised each other we would have another date soon when he came back to Texas,

A few months later, he called and asked me to marry him. I certainly was not expecting a proposal, but before I knew it, I said yes. It just seemed inevitable, and even though I had sworn I would never marry again (my first marriage was an absolute train wreck), I heard myself say “yes.”

So that’s how it all started; we had been friends and now we are happily married and have been so for 18 years. How the time goes by when you’re having fun!



One thought on “18 Years Together!

  1. Phyllis Ring says:

    Joy!! Very Happy Anniversary, Jane, and such delight to read this. xxoo

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