An Honest To Goodness Haircut!

Yesterday I was able to go to my fabulous hair stylist to get a much-need haircut. Not only was I thrilled to pieces to finally get my hair done, but it was wonderful to catch up. You just never realize how much a good haircut can do to make you feel great. Oh, of course I was able to trim my hair a bit, but it’s no comparison to having an expert doing it. Both of us wore masks, but it certainly didn’t keep us from catching up with each other!

Isn’t it funny how all the things we take for granted become so important when we can’t have them. We have always had everything we wanted and needed, and we thought nothing about getting our hair styled, our nails done, picking up our clothes at the dry cleaner, and so on.

Certainly we are in a different world these days, and things we took for granted can be hard to find for a while. This “new normal” is a lesson in patience, kindness and forgiveness. While this is changing lives and upsetting everyone’s apple carts, it is a learning experience.

It may be a time when parents decide to teach their children how to cook simple meals, or do the laundry, or help with the house and yard work. The kids may whine about it, but they will be learning skills that will make life easier for them when they are on their own. They may even find that they actually like to cook and bake. They may be helping their parents in cleaning the house; again, another life skill for when they are older.

I think that most of us can live for the time being without getting their hair done or their nails spruced up and so on. But when my hair stylist called me a few weeks ago and told me that I could come in for a haircut, I was over the moon! Not only that, but my stylist gave me a date for next month for another trim. This to me is positive proof that life as we know it is finally coming back. Sure, it’s just a haircut, but I walked out of there feeling like a million dollars. It’s absolutely amazing what a haircut (with all the residual laughter and jokes) does to raise your spirits.

Perhaps this whole situation we are now in is a lesson to us all to be grateful, to be in the moment, to be kind, to be patient, but most of all to see that we can go on and learn from our current situation.

Sure, it’s just a haircut. But what a difference it makes!


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