More Smiling, More Waving

Maybe it’s only me noticing this, but lots of people drive by our house and wave and smile. We are seeing not just our neighbors, but people we haven’t seen before. I think that a lot of folks just get tired of hanging around their homes and go for short rides to break up the monotony. Which is fine by me—it’s as though we all need to remember that we are not alone and that we are all going through the same things.

As the Crankee Yankee is working on our front porch (nearly complete, by the way) and getting our gardens ready to plant, he has become the “answer man” when people walk by. Not only is this fun for him, but I think that we all need to reach out to each other as neighbors and friends. Sadly, according to police, there is much more domestic violence these days; kids are home, adults are working from home and everyone is anxious and more than a little cranky.

So good on those who smile and wave as they drive by. Good on those who stop and talk and get to know each other better. Good on those who walk their dogs and put their little ones in strollers. Good on those who ask what we plan to plant in our gardens this year. Good on those who honk their horns and smile and wave as they drive by.

The current situation isn’t easy, but there are ways to still have fun and still be good neighbors and friends. It’s actually nice to smile and wave. It’s nice to get to know people who live in or near our area. It’s good to know that, even in the midst of the current crisis, we are still neighbors and friends.

Smile on, wave on!

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