Mom’s Magic Bowl

Yesterday I had a yen to make chocolate chip cookies with butter brickle. I have always made plain old chocolate chip cookies for years for the Crankee Yankee, and adding in the butter brickle (which you can find right next to the chocolate chips in the store) makes them extra delicious. Whenever I make cookies, I always use mom’s “magic bowl.”

I call it that because it was the bowl she first made brownies in as a child. So when I pull it out I smile and say to any of our cats who might be in the kitchen with me: “I’m making cookies in Mom’s magic bowl.” Since there was no mention of adding cat food to the recipe, the cats completely lost interest.

If you are at all interested in making chocolate butter brickle cookies, just follow the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip package, and add in as much butter brickle as you like. I call them magic cookies, because even when the Crankee Yankee is outside working on the front porch (which, by the way, is looking better every day), his nose knows when the cookies are just off the hot cookie sheets.

I have used Mom’s magic bowl for salads, meatloaf, and many other eatables. I always feel that there actually is magic in that bowl; I can almost hear Mom saying things such as “go easy on the salt,” or “that’s enough stirring; stop right there,” and so on.

Isn’t it both funny and sad when you end up with your mother’s things? As Mom has been gone since 2015, I still feel her presence. Often her humor comes to me and I laugh out loud, or if I make a mistake while cooking I’ll mutter to myself, “yes, yes, I know I screwed up; shut up already!”

I truly do think that our loved ones who have moved on do check in on us and wish us well. I always feel Mom’s presence when I’m cooking. As a teenager I hated to cook, but Mom would always say things like “you’ll need to know how to cook for yourself; you can’t just go out to restaurants all the time!” And wouldn’t you know it; she was absolutely right.

Thanks to my mom, I am a pretty fair cook and baker, I know how to clean just about anything, I know how to keep my clothes in good repair and at least once a year I give away the clothes that I haven’t even looked at for months. But best of all, I know that when I use Mom’s magic bowl, anything I make in it will be not only perfect, but delicious. Thanks to Mom, the magic goes on.


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