Ignoring the Snark

In these “interesting” days, we are bombarded with opinions and fear and doubt and worry. It isn’t easy living in a time where we are wearing masks, keeping our distance from people, washing our hands frequently, not to mention sheltering in place and so on. It seems that every day we hear things on the news or on social media where we are blasted with bad news and snarkiness. There is also a lot of snark on Facebook about people in power and so on. I am always amazed at the sheer amount of invective toward these folks as well.

But it’s a free country; we all are welcome to voice our opinions. Those of us who are startled or dismayed by this will just have to remember that everyone is entitled to their opinions. We may disagree, but thankfully, our country is all about freedom. We may not like to read or hear what people say, but everyone has opinions.

While a lot of snarkiness abounds in social media and so on, there are lots of people who go the other way and praise people for all the good that they do. I could waste a great deal of time being angry about other peoples’ opinions, but that truly is a waste of time. We may agree to disagree, and that’s fine. If it makes people feel better to lambaste political figures, that’s fine too. If it makes people feel better to start a virtual argument on line, that’s their business.

I think of it this way: when I read something online that disturbs me I just remember how lucky I am to be living in a free country where we can speak or write our opinions without fear of reprisal. Think of the people who live in countries where you could go to jail for just speaking out against their leaders.

When I lived in Texas, I met some wonderful women who had their own sweet way of breaking up verbal wars. When someone would go on a rant about this, that or the other thing, they would hug the talker, smile and say, “well, bless your heart!” Now that phrase could be absolutely sincere, or it could also be a polite way of saying”you are a massive idiot!” In any case, it stopped the red-hot flow of snarkiness for the time being.

People do have the right to say or do as they please, and thank God for the freedoms we enjoy in this country. These days I am making a point of just ignoring the snark and going peacefully on with my day. All that said, do enjoy the day and feel free to be snarky if you like; it’s a free country!




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