For All Mothers

As today is the day to celebrate all moms, I don’t feel a bit guilty for posting a haiku and this as well.


Happy Mothers Day to all mothers everywhere! Whether they are still with us or have passed on, our mother’s love never leaves us. We are who we are because of our mothers. We learn so much from them; they truly are our own personal north star. They teach us right from wrong, how to be a good person, how to manage a household, how to behave, how to be kind, how to be grateful, how to love and be loved, and so much more.

Mothers help us to become the grown-ups we will eventually be. Mothers know us better than we know ourselves. They are not fooled by lies or coverups, and when we do something wrong, they make sure that we won’t ever do it again. They are examples of what we may grow up to be; they teach us daily with their own examples.

I never could get away with anything from my mother; she knew me too well. She could catch me in a lie in a hot minute, and she didn’t stand for back talk. I remember vividly the times my cousin Cindy and her mother would come up from the south to visit with my grandmother. As Cindy was my own age, we played together during their visit.

Playing with Cindy was like lighting a fire cracker; we would be playing a game and all of a sudden she would jump up, kick the game board and yell “I’ma gonna git jist as far away from you as ah kin git!” And she would run off. I would be sitting there, picking up the pieces of the game and wondering what in the hell that was all about. She always sassed her mother, too, and it made my blood run cold to just imagine what would happen if I did the same to my mother. That sort of “Cindy behavior” was just not allowed.

My mother taught me by her example to be a good and decent person. I owe her the world for her goodness, her kindness, her love and her unfailing devotion to the truth. She taught me everything that makes a person good, and although she was strict with me, she was a loving and kind mother. I always knew that was I loved and cherished.

Our moms, even if they have passed on, are with us always. The lessons they taught us helped to make us who we are today. Even though my mom has been gone for five years I still feel her love and laughter. I have no doubt that our loved ones, most especially our moms who have moved on, keep in touch with us in their own loving ways.

Happy mothers day to moms everywhere!




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