Oh, Just You Wait…

Yesterday I went to our local organic fresh foods and all-natural goodies to pick up the Crankee Yankee’s favorite key lime pie for his birthday, which is today. I bought a few other items, and when I went to the checkout, the young unsmiling woman behind the counter checked everything out in a hot minute.

When she gave me the total, I fumbled my credit card into the machine, which caused her to have a major eye roll; she had me do it over again. I laughingly said that it had been a while since I shopped there, and sorry for taking extra time. This called for another eye roll.

I thanked her for her help and walked out with my purchases. As I put them in my car, I thought about her and her attitude. All I could think of was this: “just you wait—one day you will be my age and make a few harmless mistakes which will aggravate the gal behind the counter, who will be thinking “OMG—old people are so stupid!”

It’s sort of like a song I heard when I lived in Texas. I went to a show featuring a local guitarist who had written some great songs, my favorite being “Sooner or Later, YOU’LL be the Waiter!” Meaning this: a couple go out for their first date and the man is charming and interested and wants to know all about his date. She is pleased with him—until the waiter shows up. Her date barks at the waiter, tells him that he is an idiot because he didn’t bring the rolls on time, the soup wasn’t hot enough and so on all through the date.

The premise of the song is this: you can have a date with an interesting man who wants you to have a good time but he bullies the waiter. She is bothered by this, but her date is very charming to her and she tries to overlook his rudeness. As the song goes on, it ends with this last phrase: “beware ladies of the charming new date; because sooner or later, you’ll be the waiter!

So I giggled my way to my car, laughing to myself about what might happen to the surly gal at the register some time in her life. Mind you, I don’t wish her ill, but I DO belive in what goes around comes around. (Insert a loud moo-hah-ha-ha here!)


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