Still Remembering Waikiki Beach

Last year when I went to Oahu, I spent a lot of time on Waikiki beach. I went on tours during my two week vacation; one every other day. On the “off” days I spent a lot of time walking and wading at Waikiki beach. Although I have loved beaches all my life and love the feel of sand between my toes, there was something special about Waikiki Beach. For instance, I could always find beautiful bits of white coral that washed up. Since I had read a lot about Hawaii’s beaches and the sad fact that the beautiful coral reefs were dying in several places, I was worried that I might be taking too many pieces of it.

I asked one of my tour guides about this, and she said not to worry; as long as you are not actually breaking off any living coral you are welcome to pick up the bits that wind up on the shore. So I picked up enough of it to bring home to friends. I kept a few pieces for myself as well. It was like finding presents; made more special because they were on Waikiki beach.

The hotel I stayed was just a short walk from the beach, so it became my exercise on non-tour days. Since I had dreamed about going to Hawaii most of my life, it was thrilling to walk on that famous beach; not a dream but a reality! It was also fun to watch the surfers way out in the waves; nothing I really wanted to do, but I enjoyed just watching.

Just being in Oahu was a dream come true. I’ve mentioned this before, but I have had dreams for years about Hawaii; so many that I felt as if some time in another life I lived there. I have had mediums tell me that I actually lived there at some time as a native Polynesian. Who knows what lives we may have lived before this present life? Perhaps we feel a pull toward other lands and places because we might have had several lives before our present life; who knows?

I still dream of Waikiki beach, and I still treasure the time I had there. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t smile when I see my own little bits of white coral kindly given to me from Waikiki.


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