Patience; Good Lord, PATIENCE!

Ever since the advent of the corona pandemic, we all have had to make sacrifices. Wearing masks has become necessary and have even become fashion statements. Us oldsters go to market during “senior hours” these days. There is definitely a worry about running out of toilet paper and paper towels; Heaven forbid that we would have to use wash cloths instead….yuck.

Then there is the closeness of family members as we have been advised to shelter in our homes. For families who have school kids, it must be a trying time. For those families who already have relatives in nursing homes and can’t visit them, it is heartbreaking. Then there are the couples who, instead of going out to lunch by themselves or shopping or just taking a ride, we have to put up with occasional crankiness and snappishness.

That is when good old patience takes over. We know that things will eventually change, and hopefully we will have learned some coping skills. It isn’t easy when people are used to going where they want to, doing what they want to, and so on. We notice that we are getting a bit snappish these days (well, speaking just for me) and somehow the walls of our homes seem to be too much. Even going outside for a walk isn’t the pleasure it used to be; we keep our distance too much “just in case.”

I would love to be the harbinger of good things to come, but these days I am as cranky as a mother bear who woke up in the spring to discover that, during the winter she gave birth to two hungry cubs. These days we can be sharp with each other (when we really don’t want to), we can be frustrated over little things that never used to bother us, and we find little things about the significant other that we never noticed or cared about before.

So here’s the deal about patience: it’s not that easy to find in our hearts these days. In fact, it’s hard to be pleasant or accomodating when we want to yank the hair out of our heads (or our partner’s head!) in sheer frustration. I really do wish that I could say something more cheerful and uplifting today, but right now I’m just not feeling it. There ought to be a button or a t-shirt that says to the world: “I am completely out of patience: do not approach me, and do not try to cheer me up!”

Patience; good Lord in Heaven, PATIENCE!!!

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