The Peace of the Pond Walk

It’s been a while since I walked around the pond; the ice is out and the male red-wing black birds are already scoping out the best places for their lady loves to make their nests and have their young. I’m pretty sure that the turtles and frogs are still sleeping in the mud beneath the bottom of the pond. We will know it is really spring when they start showing up.

Halfway through my walk, a beautiful blue heron soared down to rest in the bullrushes, and a lone cormorant was paddling his way in what had to be freezing water. As usual, the birds and creatures know when it is truly Spring. It was my grandmother who taught me all about birds and their habitats. She would always say that the birds were truly the harbingers of Spring; they knew when to start making nests and having their young.

Even now some of the flowers around the pond are starting to wake up too; another sure sign that Winter is gone and Spring is here. Soon other blue herons will show up, as well as ducks and swans and cormorants. There is also a single bald eagle that soars over the pond and sometimes roosts in one of the trees; it’s a thrill to see him.

Considering all the bad news on TV and all, the walk around the pond is balm to the mind and spirit. Nature reminds us that life is not all about us humans; it is birds and animals, and fish and frogs and turtles and more.

While these are trying times, it’s good to have a stroll in nature now and then to bring us back to what matters most.


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