What Matters Most

As we all know too well, we are in different times these days. No longer can we go to a restaurant and have a sit-down meal; now we order take-out and go pick it up. It’s actually not a bad thing, just a new thing. We are wearing masks and are washing our hands more, and we are keeping our six foot distance when we are around people.

But all that aside, not a whole lot of things have changed. We still call and email our families and friends, we make it a point to enjoy the outdoors, we take our vitamins and don’t watch too much upsetting news. This time in our lives is what we make of it.

What matters most is how we live through all this while keeping positive. Our “new normal” may be life right now as we know it; we may never get back to how we were before the pandemic. But on the flip side, what are these times teaching us? From what I hear and see, families and friends are closer and more precious. Certainly bad things can happen, but good things can happen as well.

My hope is that we learn from this and always remember how we survived the pandemic. Most of all, I hope that we can never take our families and friends for granted. Maybe when this is all over we can decide to start a food storage in our basements for the “just in case” scenarios. Maybe we will kiss and hug our families and friends more. Maybe we will smile more, love more and laugh more. Because when you think about it, what matters most is how we live, love and rise above fear.



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