Stay at Home Tales

Like everyone in the country, the Crankee Yankee and I are stay-at-homes. Oh, of course we do our weekly food run at the grocery store, and the Crankee Yankee often goes to the hardware store while working on the house. Quite frankly, the way we live now is pretty much how we lived prior to the corona virus, so not a lot has changed.

We have even developed a few fun things to do while being at home. For example, in the late afternoon we may share a beer together while sitting in the driveway in our “outdoor chairs” while we watch the world go by. When cars drive by, whoever has the beer in hand raises it as a little salute to the passersby.

Now that we are starting to have some warmish weather, we are tending to our garden beds to get them ready for planting. Our usual crops are cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, green peppers, chives, rhubarb and baby yellow squash. We always raise too much for us to eat, so once the produce gets going we put out a large basket on a table with plastic bags under the basket, and a sign that says “please help yourself but please leave the basket!” Works every time.

We used to plant peas, but over time we realized that we just got sick and tired of eating them; in fact last year’s peas are still chilling in our freezer. This year we are going to plant corn; we had done it a few years back, and it came out pretty well.

It’s funny how things repeat themselves; my grandmother had a huge garden, my mother had one as well, and the Crankee Yankee’s mom had one too. Somehow the produce we raise tastes better than the produce we buy at the grocery store. Plus it’s fun to get out on a sunny morning with a basket and start picking.

If my grandmother was still with us during these days, I know exactly what she would say: “this too will pass. Just like the vegetables know when to sprout, all this mess will finally go away. Just put your mind to what matters and go on with your life.”

Enjoy the day and eat your veggies!


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