The Magic of Dusting

Yesterday the Crankee Yankee and I decided to clean house; seriously clean house with a vacuum, dusting cloth and lemon wax. Fortunately, the Crankee Yankee is great about vacuuming; I despise it. I cleaned all the fluff from the fan blades overhead, dusted the pictures on the walls, cleaned and polished our bureaus and night stands. It is unbelieveable how dusty things get.

When I was growing up, my Wednesday after school job was to vaccuum the house. I hated it then (and I still hate to vacuum), and if Mom found that I had skimmed over anything, I had to do it all over again, room by room. So you can understand my hatred of vaccuming to this day.

However, it’s a pure pleasure to see the house clear of cat fur, dust and other messes. I always use lemon oil to dust and shine the bureaus, night stands, furniture and so on. Not only does it clean, but the whole house smells of lemon. Of course, tables and night stands and furniture will eventually get dusty, but for now, everything looks great.

With all of us staying indoors, we actually find that there is a lot we can do inside. I’ve even gone as far as taking pictures off the walls and cleaning the glass. It’s pretty satisfying to see the results as well. Of course, the cats are not fans of all this cleaning, so they migrate down to the basement where the only thing they have to worry about is me doing the wash.

So, as we are indoors more than ever, we can at least treat ourselves to a clean house. It is a bit magical to see formerly dusty chairs and tables turn bright and shiny after dusting. I even find myself singing to myself as I do it, too. I mean, if you have to clean, why not make it fun?

Besides, the satisfaction of a clean house (for now, anyway) is a good thing. Even though things have changed for us for the time being, we can at least do a dust and polish now and then. It may sound funny, but it is a bit magical; you know, from dust to shine.

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