This Exactly Why I Don’t Talk Politics

When my mother and her friends gathered for coffee and chat in downtown Wolfeboro, there was an unspoken law of not talking politics. While some of her friends would try to start up a political conversation, Mom would give them the warning speech: “NO politics! No politics or I’m leaving!” And since her friends loved her so, they dropped politics like a hot potato.

Plenty of people have plenty of opinions about politics, some being pretty inflamatory. We are fortunate to live in a free country, where we can speak our minds and views, which is a good thing. Without going into great detail, I will say this: I have prayed for each and every president every day. There have been some presidents that I did not vote for, nor did I like. But I said prayers for them and their families each day because I did and still do respect the office of president.

We are all welcome to our opinions about our presidents; it is a free country. There will always be people who will dump a pitcher full of haterade on past and present presidents, and that’s their perogative. When asked my opinion about presidents past and present, my answer is always the same: it’s my own business.

I appreciate that many people adore talking politics; that’s their thing, just not mine. In fact, the only person I talk politics with is the Crankee Yankee, and some of the cats (if they care to listen). I prefer to keep my friendships free of politics; I would hate losing a friend over politics. We don’t have to have the same views on everything, but the friendship is more important to me.

We are lucky to live in a country where everyone can speak their mind. We cherish our freedoms, and if we don’t always agree on everything, we can agree to disagree. I’ve seen too many people who have lost friends and family members arguing over politics; that’s a real shame. Of course we can have our opinions; that’s the beauty of freedom of speech. I have been in situations where someone wants to find out who I voted for and why. That is none of anyone’s business but my own.

I am always surprised when I go to vote; when walking out afterwards and people ask me who I voted for, I smile and say “nunya.” Usually they get it and back off, or they ask me who “nunya” is. That’s the kind of thing that the Crankee Yankee and I call “savage amusement.” Funny but true!

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