Learning to Adapt and Overcome

As we used to sing as kids: “every party needs a pooper, that’s why we invited you: party pooper!” I would say that the biggest party pooper EVER is this damned corona virus. When you think of pandemics past, such the Spanish flu, cholera, smallpox, malaria, tuberculosis, leprosy, influenza and so on, they were deadly. Our current virus is pretty deadly as well. Thankfully, we live in a country where the best of the best are working hard on eradicating it.

As we have been asked to shelter in place, we are learning more about our families, our friends, our neighbors and ourselves. We may have decided to pick up an old hobby or start sewing again, or baking; or scrapbooking, or just plain reading. All these are more are comforting and perhaps makes us feel that we are actually in control.

Probably the worst thing these days is worrying. Take it from a gold-star worrier like myself; it gets you no where. All it does is flooble up your system and puts your mind in scary places. Think of it this way; we are all usually moaning about how there isn’t enough time in the day, or how much we would love to have plenty of time to read or sew or just start a new hobby, and so on. Well, we certainly have time now, don’t we?

The following is what I’ve personally learned about living in a pandemic atmosphere:

  1. Stay current on the news about what is being done, but don’t make it a 24/7 hobby.
  2. If you are going outside or to the grocery store, wear a mask or a bandana. When you get home, wash up thoroughly.
  3. Call or email relatives and friends and shoot the breeze for a while.
  4. Bake cookies—just the scent of them will make you happy.
  5. Read a good book.
  6. Get online and watch some Monty Python skits and laugh your head off. I also highly recommend watching the Carol Burnett show, especially Tim Conway. And if you have never seen the dentist skit with Tim Conway as the bumbling dentist and Harvey Corman as the patient, watch it. (You might want to pee before watching however; it’s that funny.)
  7. If you have a pet, lavish it with love and attention.
  8. Avoid the naysayers, the Debby Downers, and the gloomy doomers. They will do nothing for your peace of mind.
  9. Clean out your closets and make a bag full of give-aways.
  10. Go through your high school and college yearbooks; it’s fun to revisit them.

As with anything else, this too will pass. Don’t let your mind go into troubled waters; be grateful for those you love in your life, be glad for all the good there is. Sooner or later, this will be over and we will have learned how to adapt and overcome.

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