Two Bluebirds, Double Luck!

As we are doing our best to keep six feet away from our fellow humans, wearing masks and washing our hands and so forth, we could all use a bit of luck. When the Crankee Yankee and I brought our morning cups of coffee out on the porch to enjoy the day, we saw not one, but two bluebirds sitting on a branch of one of the trees across the road from us.

Now if one bluebird is lucky, just imagine how lucky two are! Considering what we are all going through during this uncertain time, seeing those two gorgeous bluebirds were a real lift. Seriously, it set our day off beautifully. Say what you may about coincidence, little gifts here and there such as those two bluebirds are a lift to the spirit.

Some people don’t believe in luck, and that’s ok. Me, I believe in all the signs and symbols and bluebirds. If I’m wrong, they still make me happy, and that alone is a wonderful thing. Of course these are troubling times, and we are all trying to adjust as well as we can. But there is this: have you noticed that people are waving to each other as they drive by? When people on their morning walk or run go by our house and we are sitting on the porch having coffee, we greet each other with a “good morning!” Little things, I know, but it does lift the spirit.

True, we are all adjusting during this time. We don’t know if there is an end in sight yet, and we don’t know how long it will be when we can hug and shake hands with each other. We may all be discovering that beyond the fear of what may happen, there seems to be a glimmer of hope. We seem to be smiling more when we see each other, we seem to be talking more, and at times we can even joke about wearing masks or bandanas as the newest fashion statement.

So if you should see a bluebird at any time, consider it a gift of hope as well as luck.


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