Kindness and Bravery

I read somewhere that some men on a fishing boat spotted a whale. Oddly, it seemed to stay in place and seemed to have no fear of the men at all. They moved closer to get a better look, and were horrified when they saw that it was almost completely wrapped in a huge net. They moved as close as they could to the whale to see how they could get her free of the net.

As though the whale understood that the men were going to help her, she let them get close to her. They immediately started to carefully clip the net and pull it off of her, piece by piece. It took a long time, but they finally freed her.

What happened next must have been a joy to see. Once freed from the confines of the net, she leaped up from the water, and splashed down over and over again. She dove down deep and then rose up and flipped up in the air. It was a sight to see, and the men felt that in her way, she was thanking them for setting her free.

Amazingly, during this troubling time in our lives, there seems to be more acts of kindness and bravery, more compassion and understanding then has been in quite a while. As more restrictions come along during this crisis, we may feel wrapped up in our own net of worries and fear. But sooner or later, we will be able to cut through the nets that bind us now.



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