To Those Who Serve

To those who serve by working at WalMart, the local grocery stores, the restaurants where you can get take-out, the postal workers, the garbage men, the street cleaners, the doctors and nurses and all who work in hospitals, the teachers and the post office workers, the farmers, the police, and mothers and fathers who are keeping their kids accountable for school work and so on: you are appreciated more than you know.

Recently there was a post on Facebook from a Walmart worker who wrote that people should not be browsing or chatting or ‘pretending that this is normal.’ I wanted to post it here, but by the time I went back to see it, it had been taken off Facebook. I can only imagine what it is like to be working there or anywhere where people congregate. This has got to be a scary time for these folks. We ALL are scared these days.

The latest change today is that everyone should be wearing a mask when they go out, especially where people gather, such as the grocery stores, etc. This isn’t a hardship; this is necessary. All we can do is to soldier through this, be careful of ourselves and others and have faith that this will eventually pass.

To anyone who is working in grocery stores, Walmarts, pharmacies, police, ambulance drivers, postal workers, doctors and nurses, teachers, farmers, moms and dads now reading this, please know that you are greatly appreciated; you are the heroes who help us all. And as I’ve said many times before, this too will pass.



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