For the Impatient Ones

Speaking just for me, a certified impatient person, I know how annoying we can be to those around us. I’m a “do it, and do it NOW” person, and even in my ’60s (when you’d think I’d be more grown-up about this), I haven’t changed a damn bit. I’d like to blame my late mother for my hurry-up attitude, but I’m afraid that this is all me.

Especially now when our world is turned upside-down with the corona virus and all the change that goes with it, we could all use a bit of kindness and gratitude, not to mention just calming down. Our world as we know it has changed dramatically and it’s a strange time for us all. For us impatient people, this is a wake-up call to just go with the flow, relax and calm down.

For the most part, I think that everyone has enough toilet paper, paper towels, food, water, pet food and so on. We get the reason for keeping our distance from people (except of course those of us who think that nothing bad will EVER happen to them), for washing our hands, not touching our face, and so on. True, it’s a real change in our lives, but we can look to changing what used to be our “normal” to adapt and over come.

On our little street, I am seeing kids’ drawings in the windows, and it really cheers me up. Our neighbors across the way have two boys who are brilliant baseball players, and they daily burn off steam by playing baseball. It makes me both happy and comforted to hear them playing.

As had said by many people a lot wiser than myself, this too will pass. Hopefully we will learn from it and make some positive changes in our lives. Those of us who have never thought of dedicating a space in their homes for food storage may decide that it might be a good idea to have one just in case. Those of us who have never been through a disaster will learn what to do in such an event, and be prepared. It’s a tough lesson for us all, but we can adapt and overcome.

Let’s make this time a time of learning, growing, changing and being flexable about many things. It’s a time to re-connect with our loved ones and learning to enjoy each others’ time in a different and more loving way. Bad things happen, but happily lots more good things happen, too.

And if you are an impatient person like me, let’s decide to go with the flow and calm down. Things are changing, and we can change as well. Who knows; once this virus is over with, we may become pleasantly surprised at what we have learned.








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