The Parade of Laughter

Yesterday when the Crankee Yankee was working out on the porch, I was inside the house feeding the cats. All of a sudden I heard what seemed an endless parade of honking vehicles. I walked outside on the porch and saw several cars driving down our street, honking, smiling and waving. Some cars had streamers and balloons on them, but my favorite was the car that had a huge stuffed toy giraffe on top of it.

We couldn’t help but laugh; it truly was a parade of belly laughs and it made our day. In fact, it made us feel as though things will be all right. I wish I could have hugged every single person in that parade. It’s amazing what something like this can do to lift our spirits. So I decided to lift a few spirits myself; I made and put up a big pink and purple sign that read “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life! (yup, right from Monty Python and the Holy Grail).”

After all the days we have sheltered in place, worried about our friends and loved ones, this was a wonderful way to remember these truths:

  1. We are not alone.
  2. We can still laugh.
  3. We can choose gratitude.
  4. We can help ourselves and others to remember that this, too, will pass.

While this is an uncertain (and scary) time, we are not alone. As long as we can laugh and be grateful, we are ok. When I start worrying, I will remember that silly stuffed giraffe and I will laugh that worry away.

Remember, there is ALWAYS a bright side of life.


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