Keep Calm and DRINK!

Well, our governor has just asked us to stay home until further notice. Of course, if we need to get out to get groceries, meds, etc. that’s ok. This is for the good of all, and I think that everyone can agree that this is what we need to do for now. There are many things we can do to amuse ourselves (or simply to stop worrying). Here are some we are using:

  1. Take a walk together (well, until the stay at home directive is over).
  2. Play games; you pick.
  3. Watch something good on TV.
  4. Cuddle up with your pets.
  5. Read.
  6. Write.
  7. Pray for those who are ill.
  8. Sort out your closet; you will be amazed at the stuff you haven’t worn in five years (or more!)
  9. Got a huge box of pictures (I sure do!)? Start going through them and decide if you want to make a photo album, send some to relatives and friends, or just amuse yourself looking at days gone by.
  10. Exercise; put on some good music and DANCE!
  11. Bake something. Not only will you enjoy a treat, but it makes the whole house smell heavenly.
  12. Take some courses online.
  13. Clean house; amazingly it is very rewarding to see how much better you feel when everything is clean.
  14. Do you play an instrument? If so, blow the dust off it and play. I’m saying this for myself as well as you; I have a beautiful ukulele and a Didgeridoo and I am going to start playing again.
  15. Drink. I highly recommend a vodka tonic or glass of wine.

We will get through this current situation. In the meantime, pour yourself a drink and watch some TV. I highly recommend reruns of “MASH.”


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