Don’t Let Paranoia Destroy Ya

The Chinese have a curse that fits what we are all going through these days: “may you live in interesting times.” Although I wouldn’t call the corona virus ‘interesting,’ it certainly is different. Not only that, but it is affecting not just us in America, but the entire planet.

Now we have two choices about this situation: 1) we can all go nuts thinking that the world is coming to an end, or 2) we can have faith in those who are working day and night to find ways to kill off the virus. As for me, I’m going for #2.

If there is a light at the end of this particular tunnel it is this: we are absolutely one people all over the world who are experiencing this. No one is excluded, and we have the choice to run around screaming that the world is coming to an end, or we can choose to have faith in those who are diligently working hard for a cure. Most of all, there is this: as we are all in this together.

Just speaking for myself, I am constantly seeing acts of kindness, generosity and hope. For the most part, people are keeping their distance as we have been asked to do, we are careful to wash our hands and be kind about not emptying the shelves in the grocery stores. Every single country is doing their best to help and do the right things. In our country we are doing what we can to stay safe and yet be kind.

We recently talked with Doug’s daughter, Adria, who lives in Maine with her husband and our two granddaughters. They have a huge farm with yaks, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, dogs, and guinea hens. The girls are at home, doing their homework as well as attending to their own chores on the farm.

This is a certainly an “interesting time” in our lives. But we are all getting used to how we need to do the right things and show kindness as best we can. Like any other crisis this planet has faced, we can get through this by doing the right things. I have noticed little acts of kindness and hope here and there. Once this is over, I hope with all my heart that we will not forget how quickly things can change for the worst, but especially remember how we all pulled together during a crisis and came out victorious.

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