Climbing Trees

Didn’t most of us climb trees when we were kids? I spent a lot of time in trees; sometimes I would even take a book up with me and read while the wind gently rocked the branch I was sitting on. When it was time for dinner, Mom knew to look to the trees to see where I was and call me in.

It’s been more years than I can count that I climbed a tree. But to this day I enjoy looking at trees and seeing how easy it would be to climb up. At my age I wouldn’t risk it, but I still remember how lovely it was to perch on a branch for hours on end.

It makes me happy knowing that our granddaughters are tree climbers as well. Of course, like anything else, there is a risk factor, but I still remember how thrilling it was to climb as high as I could, knowing that I could fall at any time (I never did). I’m happy that our grand girls love climbing trees as much as I did.

Of course, back when I was a child, it seemed that kids were outdoors all the time. Of course, when it was time for dinner, I had to climb down quickly so as not to 1) make my mom worry, and 2) risk my dinner being cold.

Those were wonderful days, and to this day I remember being rocked into near sleep while day-dreaming in a tree.


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