Finding the Good in a Tough Situation

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been noticing that the people I see and interact with at the grocery store seem more friendly these days. I usually don’t chat with the gal behind the counter when I check out or the bag boy who bags up my stuff (oh, and did you know that they are not allowing “store bags” anymore? We have been told to use paper or plastic bags as the store bags can be germy; yikes!), but now I do.

When someone is day-dreaming while blocking the isle I don’t grump anymore; they are having a “moment” and they are probably just as scared as I am. Everyone is doing their level best to wash their hands, clean up surfaces and so on. We all are nervous about this, and we all are scared. But it’s amazing what a smile can do.

Of course it is scary to see empty shelves. This is a complete turn-around from our usual “normal.” Everything we have taken for granted has been radically changed. We worry about our seniors, our kids, our neighbors, our pets (and sadly, they too can get the virus) and the stores we depend on for the things we need.

But yet—-there is hope in the air. And it seems to start when we interact with people. I am a prime example of a ‘don’t talk to me; I’m busy!’ person when I go grocery shopping. I usually grump to myself, thinking ‘hey, I’m hear to shop, not to listen to your blah-blah!” How childish and how rude I have been. I don’t think I will ever forget this time in our country, and I pray to God that I hope I am becoming a better and kinder person than I have been.

Again, we are all in this together and I for one am changing my attitude. Fear is one thing, but being snotty and dismissive is a choice; a choice I can easily drop. Of course this situation is a wake-up call to us all; something we won’t forget any time soon. I remember my grandmother telling me how things were during the Great Depression. As a child I thought how terrifying that must have been to everyone in the nation. This current crisis is sort of our Great Depression; however, our grandparents managed to get through it. Hopefully we can do the same.

This is what I think of when I worry about our current situation; but we learning from this. We are realizing that it is not just other countries who are suffering from this; we all are. Perhaps this is the time to change our tune so to speak, and it starts with each one of us. Speaking as a former cranky person, I’m changing my ways. Everyone around us is scared and worried. We can at least lift each other us with something as simple as a smile.

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