Where Grace and Kindness Abide

During these uncertain (and pretty scary) times, a friendly face or a kind word means a lot. I am at times worried and fearful about this unwelcome guest on our planet; the corona virus. We are all stressed and nervous, and even when we stand six feet apart from each other, we are still scared. We are all trying to keep our heads, get the things we need (without being grabby about it) and trying most of all not to worry.

When I can’t find all the things I need at the grocery store, I often go to our local Walgreens to find it. Luckily they usually always have what I couldn’t find anywhere else. At the checkout is a sweet-faced young man who sits in a chair behind the counter.  He has some kind of issue where he has to sit, but he is always kind and pleasant to everyone.

He is the kind of person who looks you straight in the eyes, and asks if you are having a good day. We had a small chat yesterday about the current conditions we are living in right now. He told me that he enjoys his job and likes talking with people. I’m sure that he doesn’t realize how much he lifts the spirits of his customers; I’ve never seen anyone leave the store without a smile on their faces.

Considering what our nation is going through right now, a smile and a few kind words are as rare as gold. I’ll admit that I am often cranky, snarky and dismissive; not a pretty resume. But it is people like the Walgreen’s guy who makes a sweet difference each day.

I hope that during these scary times that I can remember to smile and be positive. And if I can’t, I can remember the kindness of that good man behind the counter at Walgreen’s. He is just one more beacon of hope; may there be many more.

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