Lest We Forget

We are all trying to adjust to the current new normal; kids and parents at home together during the day as well as night. We are not used to having to run to the nearest supermarket as soon as they open to stock up on toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, food, water, and so on. Our regular routines are jumbled and we are nervous and worried. The corona virus has radically changed our thinking; we are realizing that our normal way of life has turned up-side down.

That said, this is not the end of the world. Maybe we can look at where we are today and learn from it. Maybe we can take some joy out of this current situation and enjoy the time we have with all those we love. Of course there’s always television and the computer, but how bad would it be to start playing games together, or cooking together or reading together?

Perhaps we can look at our current “normal” and learn from it. I’ve mentioned food storage before; it’s easy to make a space for cans and packages of pasta and so on. If you have a freezer, stock up. And of course, find a place where you can stock toilet paper and paper towels.

This too will pass. The best people in our country are hard at work to make the vaccines we need to defeat the corona virus. Like any kind of disaster, we Americans can work through this. I look upon the current situation as a learning experience (not to make light of those who are suffering from the virus); we cannot afford to be complacent. It’s a whole lot better to be prepared just in case. This isn’t being alarmist; it’s simply being prepared for the “what ifs.”

During this time in our history we have choices; we can be scared or we can be prepared. We can decide how we will weather the “what ifs” that could happen. I’m sure that many families have “be prepared” drills so that, should the worst happen, they will know what to do. It’s a matter of being prepared, not scared.

All that said, let’s make the most of our time together. Let’s think about what really matters. Let’s not let fear cloud our minds; let’s just do the best we can and know that this too will pass.

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