Toilet Paper and Paper Towels; Oh My!

Well, who knew that toilet paper and paper towels would become so precious? Just yesterday I went to our local Odd Lots to see if they had any; they did, but with a proviso: only one pack of toilet paper per customer. Well, considering that most grocery stores are out of it completely, that was better than nothing. Plus, they carried paper towels (with no restrictions).  Good thing I got what I did when I did; because I went all over town to find more. I checked out each and every store that carried toilet paper and paper towels; no one had any.

So the Crankee Yankee and I drove up to WalMart in Epping, and were able to score two packs of toilet paper and two packs of paper towels. Considering what precious items these have become, I feel as if we must be uber careful not to use it up. Oh, believe me, I thought of getting a few dozen face clothes to use; as my other name is “The Laundry Queen;” I could easily wash them all. But on the down side, the used wash clothes would stink, which means they would all have to go into a zip bag and I would be laundering every hour.

So, I’m just grateful that we have toilet paper and paper towels to get through the next few weeks. Seriously, it’s probably worth its weight in gold right about now (except you really can’t wipe your butt with a gold bar). Seriously, this is a totally new situation for us all. We are not used to empty shelves in the markets. We are not used to not being able to have a meal at a restaurant. We are not used to sheltering in place for the common good. We are not used to carrying hand wipes around and keeping in our homes 24/7. But for the time being, this is our new now.

However, I believe with all my heart that this too will pass. I have to make light of things like how precious toilet paper and paper towels have become; I realize how scary the times are right now. That said, we live in America where professionals are hard at work at defeating the corona virus and I believe that they can make it happen sooner than later.

Hang in there; we are all together in this. And whether or not we are or are not religious, prayer does help; both for the ones we love, for our country and for ourselves. Here are some ideas to while away the indoor time:

  • Play games (especially Scrabble)
  • Teach the kids how to make cookies
  • Watch some good movies
  • Paint your toenails
  • Read some great books
  • Clean out your closets
  • Give yourself some “me” time; give yourself a facial, take a hot bath; anything that makes you happy

Hang in there everyone. This too shall pass.




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