The Moon and Those of Us Who Love Her

I’m a moon-lover; I don’t care if it’s a full moon, a crescent moon, half moon, cloud-covered moon; I love the moon in all her outfits. There’s something calming and soothing about the moon; I don’t know why.

When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. The house was up on a hill, and when you sat on the porch, you had a perfect view of Mirror Lake. I often stayed overnight during the summer, and loved to listen to the bullfrogs’ songs. When the moon was full, it made a beautiful pathway across the lake. My grandparents and I would sit and watch the sun go down and see the moon come up.

I often fell asleep on the porch swing, listening to the frog songs; “chung-a-rum, chung-a-rum”. Sometime during the night, my grandmother would come out and put an extra blanket over me. I had the idea that the moon was kindly watching over me, and I always felt safe.

When I was in summer stock with the Tamworth Players in Tamworth, NH, most of us actors stayed  at the Tamworth Inn, as it was a short walk to the theater. When we put on “Our Town,” after we took our bows, we all walked back to the Inn. The moon was full that night and hung in the sky like a silvery pendant. Two of the older ladies who were in the show were walking together arm-in-arm, chatting about the show. They stopped and looked up at the moon together. One of them said, “the moon just isn’t the same since we walked on it.”

Of course we all laughed about it, but you know what? They were right. Our “moon walk” took a bit of magic from the moon.


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