A Murder of Crows

For some reason there are loads of crows in our back yard and of course in the front yard where we hang up the bird feeder. A “murder of crows” simply means a whole bunch of crows.

Which got me thinking; what other animals clustered together have their own “group name?” So I started looking, and found the following:

A clowder of cats

A pride of lions

A crash of rhinos

A troup of baboons

An army of caterpillers

A coalition of cheetahs

A quiver of cobras

A cast of crabs

a pod of dolphins

a business of ferrets

a tribe of goats

an array of hedgehogs

an exaltation of larks

a charm of hummingbirds

a parliment of owls

a gaze of raccoons

a shiver of sharks

a mustering of storks

a zeal of zebras

Of course, there are many more. Who knew? Now I wonder if we humans might sort ourselves into our own groups, such as:

a grumble of old men

a whine of babies

a crash of teens

a clatch of grandmothers

And the list could go on and on and on.

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