The Healing Practice of Throwing Things

Many years ago when I was single and needed a job as my former job had crashed and burned (so to speak), the Crankee Yankee hired me to help with building demolition. Anyone who has lived and worked in Manchester, NH remembers how the ancient buildings that once housed apartments in the downtown area came tumbling down when the town decided to get rid of the old and bring in the new.

At that time, the Crankee Yankee owned his own business and had his own crew. When he found out that I needed a job, he hired me to help clean up during the demolition. At the time, I was grateful to have a job; any job, until I found another position. So when the guys tore down apartments, I helped to clean up.

One day when it was hot and sticky out and all of us were getting good and sick of all the dust and dirt, not to mention Heaven only knows how many years of wallpaper were slapped on over and over again that we had to peel off. The Crankee Yankee was on the top floor when he called me to come up. I did, and saw that he had put a toilet that he had ripped out of one of the bathrooms on one of the window sills. Bear in mind that we were about four stories up.

He said that he knew that I needed a break and told me to go ahead and push that toilet right off the sill. It struck me so funny that I began to laugh and laugh, and so did he. He shouted down to his workers to get out of the way and yelled “Incoming!” I shoved that nasty old toilet right out of the window and we all watched it smash to smithereens on the pavement below.

Seriously, that was not only fun but a great stress reducer! Now I don’t recommend that everyone do this for stress relief, but I’ll never forget how that that made me feel both rejuvenated and strangly powerful. Sometimes you just have to be a bit childish and go for it. Since then I’ve heard of people who threw their old and ugly dishes out of windows, and found that they felt a whole lot better.

Of course, that means that once you’ve had your fun, you have to clean up the mess. But seriously, whenever I think of that smashed toilet it makes me smile. To this day the Crankee Yankee and I talk about those days; who would have thought that years later we would both have been married and then divorced and then got married to each other? I can’t say for sure, but I think that the “ghost” of that smashed toilet had something to do with it…

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