Don’t Let Fear In

These are trying times for sure; all kinds of upsets in our government, the corona virus, and so much more that divides us instead of helping each other at least half-way. We are extremely fortunate to live in America where we have no shortage of doctors and nurses and hospitals and researchers. If we are fearful every second of every day, we are making life hard for us and those around us.

Look, I realize that the corona virus is scary, and we don’t know exactly how soon there will be a pill or drug or something that will keep us safe. However, if we all use common sense; covering your mouth when you cough, washing your hands and/or use sanitizer, stay away from people who have the flu or the corona virus; we can get through this together. Also only wear a mask if you actually have the virus or a cold. Most of all, DON’T PANIC.

Believe me, I get the fear factor, and it’s easy to run around like Chicken Little claiming that the sky is falling. But consider this: here in America we have the right people to manage this, and they are hard at work on it. That said, it isn’t that hard for us all to be vigilant, get our shots and stay home if we are sick. It’s just like flu season; get your necessary shots, drink lots of water, eat healthfully, and of course wash your hands. This is all simply common sense.

Now that we know that the sky is in fact not falling, let’s go about our days as usual. Be smart and do the necessary things to keep healthy. Most of all STOP WORRYING. Please don’t let fear be your guide. See your doctor if you think you have a cold, a virus, etc. and get the meds and rest that you need.

Despite the news and worry, don’t let fear in—the sky is actually not falling. 


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