Keep or Toss?

Every now and then; well, especially when Spring is just around the corner—I do a major toss of the my clothes, handbags and whatever I haven’t worn or used in months (or even years). I bag up the things that other ladies might like and take them to our trusty Wonderland store.

Funnily enough, this major toss included my mothers striped cotton bathrobe that she was wearing when she died. It has comforted me since then, but she has been gone since 2015 and quite frankly; it’s time for someone else to have it. I swear I can hear my mother saying, ‘oh for Heaven’s sake—get RID of all this crap you haven’t worn in FOREVER; including that damn bathrobe!’

The happy result of all this is, of course, a better and less squished closet, also a sense of pride knowing that what I have left are really things I DO wear and use. It’s funny how all of a sudden we take a REAL look at what we need, and what we think we need to keep.

The same goes for cleaning out the house your parents lived in. I have to laugh when I look into our storage unit; all the things my parents had are there. I know what I want to bring to our house, and what things I can let go. I’ve said before that Mom really liked brass; I am not a fan myself. So all that plus some bits and bobs will go to auction and the things I want in our home will eventually (because the Crankee Yankee is still working on our house) be there.

Sometimes it makes us feel guilty about letting go of things our parents loved. But if we do not love those things, I say it’s time for them to move on to another home. As has been said many times: “things don’t matter; but people do.” 

And Mom’s striped cotton bathrobe? I washed and dried it so that it will be fresh for the next lady to wear.

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