The Hairy Truth

When I was in grade school, I was jealous about hair, especially my best friend’s. She could pull it back into a gorgeous pony tail; how I longed to have hair like that! Mine was short and thick, and I always wore bangs. When I was younger my mother let my hair grow, but after a few weeks of her washing and drying it, she went right back to clipping it short. It was a “wash and wear” hair-do, but it worked.

Years later, I decided to let my hair grow. It was a genuine pain; not only did I have to take the time to dry it, but I had to style it as well. I suffered until my hair was long enough to put into a pony tail (I had never gotten over the yearning for a pony tail!), it was ridiculous. Putting it into a pony tail made it look like I was wearing a very thick whisk broom on the back of my head.

The next day I went to my hair dresser and said, “cut it off!” When she got done laughing she said, “I told you so!” I learned from my mother that all of the females in our family had the same thick hair. Now while that can be a blessing, it is also a curse. Just imagine all those poor women from way back when; they never cut their hair, they just put it up or braided it. When they shampooed their hair, they just sat in the sun to dry it. Just imagine what life was like back then; long heavy hair, loads of clothing, not to mention all the does and don’t of that time.

When I was on my own and working, there was a lovely woman I worked with who had beautiful long black hair down to her shoulders. I complimented her on it, and told her my own long hair story.

She laughed with me, and told me that she used to have hair down to her waist. Her husband just loved it, and asked her to please not cut it—ever. Well, that worked for a few years until she got into a car accident and broke her arm. While she was healing, her husband had to wash and dry her hair for her.

After a few weeks of this, he told her that if she wanted to cut her hair that was just fine with him; he had had enough. They had a good laugh over that, and she got a beautiful pageboy style after that.

And that is the hairy truth.



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