Why I Love Hawaii

Last year at this time, I was enjoying two weeks in Oahu. Every other day I had a tour, and on the days I didn’t have one, I spent my time walking around Waikiki and taking in all the beauty all around me. I now know why Hawaii is affectionately called “Paradise;” the weather is warm and even the little occasional rain showers are warm. Just the trees and flowers and birds alone are worth the trip.

It is said that some of us (or all of us; who knows?) have lived several lives. Who knows if that’s true, but I always wondered why I had such a “pull” to Hawaii. Years ago I had a very vivid dream that stays with me still: in it I was a young *Polynesian boy. In the dream I couldn’t see myself, but I could see a little girl with long black hair and a “haka” (ring of flowers) on her head, smiling up at me.

I mentioned this dream to a dear friend of mine who is a dream reader and psychic. She told me that I was indeed a Polynesian boy way back in time when Hawaii discovered. My job as that young boy was to keep my little sister safe as her destiny was to become a queen to rule the island.

For years I read all I could find about Hawaii. I checked out the places in Hawaii that I wanted to see and promised myself that I would someday go there.

Last year the Crankee Yankee made me the deal of a lifetime. He had wanted to renovate our ancient kitchen for years, but he knew that I would go crazy being in all that mess. So he said he would send me to Hawaii if he could renovate the kitchen while I was gone. I could NOT pass up a deal like that, so we made it happen.

I hadn’t flown since 2001, and a dear friend of mine told me about what to do and what not to do as so much had changed. I had forgotten how much fun it was to fly, and, as an added bonus, I was able to watch free movies all through the flight!

We stopped at San Francisco for an hour and I had the time to walk around and look out of the windows to see the city. When we all boarded the plane to take us to Honolulu I felt as excited as a child on her birthday; I was finally going to Hawaii!

Hawaii was all I could ask for and more.

*From Hawaii Guide:

“Many historians believe that the Polynesians who settled Hawaii came from the Marquesas Islands, which had forbidding terrain and poor conditions for farming. To aid their venture’s success, they brought many types of supplies. In addition to food for the journey, they brought at least a half dozen plant species to cultivate, like bananas, taro, and breadfruit. They also brought pigs, small dogs, and chickens to raise. Of course, no journey would be complete without handy items like medicinal plants, basic tools, vessels made of gourds, and ropes.”

“Polynesians first landed on the big island of Hawaii, at Ka Lae on the southern coast. The name Hawaii derives from the word Havaiki, the Polynesian name for a homeland they believed they all originally came from and would return to after death. To survive while they waited for their first plantings to grow and mature, they hunted birds, fished, and gathered native foods.”

“Over the years, they spread out over all the major Hawaiian islands. With no written documents and few artifacts to study, little is known about their customs and ways of life. However, we do know that they were the sole inhabitants for several hundred years, until the Tahitians landed around 1000 A.D.”

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