Granddaughter Games

Last Sunday the Crankee Yankee and I drove up to see the grandgirls, their parents and the dogs and cats, and of course, their farm. Ava, the oldest, is seriously into dance and is starting to do some acting as well. Since I did quite a lot of acting in high school, one summer with the Barnstormers in Tamworth, NH, and some Gilbert and Sullivan operettas in Texas, I could relate. I told her all my stories of goof-ups and funny things that happened during some of the shows I was in.

I told her about how I was the “makeup lady” while in the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, as well as the funny side of acting, especially the evening when we were putting on “Patience.” For starters, the person who was supposed to unlock the front door of the theater didn’t show up, making us all late to start the show. Finally the guy responsible came and opened up.

About ten minutes later, we all managed to get dressed and put our makeup on. I told Ava how fast I had to put makeup on all the “extras” (the lead roles took care of themselves). Honestly, I still don’t know how we all got it together, but we did, and the show went on.

I also told Ava about quick costume changes. There were many times when I and a few others stood off stage holding clothing for the actors who had only a minute to change. She laughed her head off when I told her how modest some of the men were about dropping their pants in order to get quickly into a new costume.

Later on she and I and Juliette went down to the basement to play. We invented what I called the “Granddaughter Quiddich” tag game (and if you are a Harry Potter fan, you’ll know that Quiddich is a sport done with flying brooms). Whoever held the broom (and usually it was me) had to run around and “tag” one or both of the other girls. It got so funny that we all collapsed on the mat and laughed our heads off.

I often wonder what kind of example I’m giving the girls, but then again, I’m not their parents. I am the goofy grandmother, which seems to suit them just fine. Quite frankly, I am touched that they want to be with me. What they don’t realize is that they are making me a better person. I hope I’m doing the same for them.

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