When We Hear Things That Hurt Us

Ever read or hear of something that hurts your heart? If I hear or read about people who willfully hurt people or animals, it hurts my heart. It’s hard for me to think of it without hurting inside. It always bothered me and haunted my thinking for days and weeks and months. But then I realized that if I could not stop the victimization, I could at least stop thinking about it. It isn’t always easy to dismiss your thoughts; but it can be done. I realized a long time ago that if I took every terrible thing I saw or read into my thoughts, I would drive myself crazy.

So I made a new mantra for me that goes like this: “I can pray for (insert people or animals here) and hope with all my heart that it helps. Worrying and crying over things I cannot help with does nothing to change it. But I can send out love and kindness and hope that it changes hearts and minds.”

It took me a long time to make that mantra work for me, but eventually it does work. We may never know that our good wishes and hopes for goodness and kindness get to the people or animals that need it. However, I always believe that that goodness and kindness somehow reaches people and animals and makes a positive difference in their lives.

Sending sincere kindness and love is the mental equivalent of sending money to good causes; those loving kindnesses always arrive to the people and animals who need it. If you have ever thrown a stone into a pond you know what happens: the stone sinks to the bottom of the pond and the waves from it travel to the edges of the pond. And if the stone is thrown hard enough, the water will ripple all the way back to where the stone fell. Often the waves travel back and forth for quite a while.

Our thoughts and prayers of kindness, hope and abundance are like those ripples; all of those ripples go out to the people and animals who need it the most. Now of course doing more if we can do more always helps, but sending out love, hope and kindness does make a positive difference. It’s what I call the “butterfly effect.” It has been said that a butterfly flapping its wings on one end of the earth can turn into a tsunami on the other side of the earth; I don’t know if that’s true. But I do believe that our thoughts and prayers do make a difference and positive change.

As my late great mother-in-law used to say, “it couldn’t hurt.”



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