Be Proud of Your Battle Scars

Isn’t it amazing how we change as we grow older! We start out as beautiful babies; not a scratch or dent on us; we are perfect. As we grow, we see changes in our bodies and minds and we may even stay looking perfect for our first years.

As we grow, we may fall out of trees, or break an arm, or bang our knees, get a permanent scar somewhere, and so on. And we don’t always get our scars as children; as we grow we seem to collect scars.

When I was 18 years old and working at a resort as what I called a “kid rangler;” making sure the kiddies were playing nicely and not trying to kill each other. On my day off, I was walking with my boyfriend (who worked there as a lifeguard); we were going out for lunch. All of a sudden, my right knee collapsed and I fell in a heap on the ground. The on-site doctor looked at it and told me to take aspirin and put ice on it.

Well, wouldn’t you just know it; decades later I still had problems with that same knee. Finally I had a knee replacement, which helped greatly—until it failed. I was one of the “lucky ones;” that is, some people in a gozillion have a knee replacement fail. So I had another knee replacement (same knee of course) that was much longer than the previous one; much better. So I now have a 6″ scar on my knee.

Since then, I’ve had two bouts of DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ). This is the “best” kind of breast cancer there is; you have a very minor surgery to remove the DCIS bits, and you’re done. Generally you’ll need radiation and Tamoxifen, but they sure beat the really scary types of cancer. So these days my “wonky” boob looks completely different from my other one. The nipple actually points down (as if it were ashamed of itself!). It’s different, but it’s still all mine.

Then last year I had my gall bladder removed, so I now have three little scars on my belly. So now I have several distinct “battle scars” where once my body was smooth and scar-free. But here’s the thing: first of all, mine aren’t horrible-looking; even the knee scar isn’t that bad. My scars remind me that I am not perfect, but they are honorable and best of all, I survived. We who live with our battle scars daily are warriors. We fought as best we could, and we won. We are still here, still standing and whatever may come again, we can face it. If you too have your own battle scars, embrace them. Those scars tell you and the world that you fought like hell and won! Battle scars bring out the true warriors that we are.

If you have your own battle scars, be proud of them. They are true badges of courage, and we embrace them because we fought and we won!

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