The Diamond Trees

Here in the North East we get all kinds of weather. Just the other night we had strong winds and sleet, and by the time the sun was up, there were frozen mounds of hard and slippery snow everywhere. When I went out to feed the outdoorsies (our band of stray cats), it was a challenge to walk around.

It was freezing cold and I was muttering to myself about when in the hell winter would end this year when I happened to look up at our trees. The sun was bright on them and they were covered in ice. Honestly, they looked like trees full of sparkling diamonds.

Now I know that most of us have lived through storms and winter weather and sleet and hail and so on. However, the trees looked ready to go to a fancy ball, all loaded up with dazzling “diamonds.”

This is just the kind of saving grace we often get when we are sick and tired of winter. Just when you feel you just can’t stand any more snow and sleet, a miracle comes along. And the miracle was thousands of “diamond trees.”

This is the time of year when we dare to hope for spring, but we know that winter is still with us. We are getting tired of bundling up in our heavy winter clothes. Our faces are pale, our feet are freezing and it is a rare winter when we don’t get a cold or sinus infection. We aren’t even into the middle of February, so anything could happen weather-wise.

But then there is the miracle of the diamond trees; another gift from the Creator.

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