The Reality of Beauty

Does anyone remember this wonderful poem by Woodrow Wilson?

“For beauty I am not a star,
There are others more perfect by far,
But my face I don’t mind it,
For I am behind it,
It is those in front that I jar.”

It always cracks me up; I’m willing to bet that the vast majority of us feel that way. Unless you are a narcisist, we generally don’t give ourselves much credit for how we look, dress, talk, etc.
Beauty is not always about looks, either. Beauty can be found in the melody of someone’s voice, or laughter, or song and so on. Often we meet people whom we deem homely until we get to know them. And then their real beauty shines; we realize that we now see the beauty in this person.
Beauty is far more than wearing expensive makeup and trendy clothing. I admire some of the well-known actresses who show us how they really look without stage makeup and hairdos. Some people are just born beautiful, and the rest of us make do with what we’ve got.
Real beauty is so much more than makeup and stylish clothes. Real beauty is in the person who is kind and loving, and who cares about others. Real beauty comes from the heart and soul. Real beauty is when we relax into ourselves and show the world who we are; warts and all.
Did you ever meet someone who didn’t look especially beautiful until you got to know them? I used to work with a woman who really wasn’t that much to look at, but once I got to know her, I could see how beautiful she was. She was kind and compassionate, grateful and happy and her laughter was magical.
That phrase, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” is true. Sometimes if we look at someone without judgement we can see a beautiful human being. This goes for all of us; whether or not we are perfect or imperfect; the real beauty is there.

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