Old Friends

It’s said that old friends are the best friends, for they know us and we know them. We may have grown up with each other, or met them later in life. Ever notice that, when you meet someone, you get a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ feeling about them? Some you just like on sight, others you just can’t stand.

When I was in grade school, every summer I’d go to Camp Sagiska. It was an all-girls camp, and our counselors were young women (although we kids always felt that they were certified grown-ups). We did all the usual camp stuff; swimming, playing games, climbing mountains, and making all kinds of things with “gymp” (plastic lacing cord; we made loads of stuff with it), painting flat rocks to take home to our parents for paperweights, roasting marshmallows over a fire at night, and giggling in our tents when we were supposed to be sleeping.

It was the closest to a “real” adventure I ever experienced. Each morning the big brass bell rang; which meant that breakfast was nearly ready. We would shoot out of bed and get dressed pronto. Back then we didn’t give a hoot how our hair looked or what we wore; all of us ran around in shorts and t-shirts and sneakers.

Of course, there were “camp rules” we had to follow: no wasting food, no fighting (well, that rarely happened), no picking on anyone, and no talking after the lights went out. But of course, as we snuggled into our sleeping bags we whispered and giggled until we fell asleep.

We didn’t know it at the time, but we were making new friends at camp. As we grew older, things of course changed, but the friends we made back then stayed with us. Just yesterday I had lunch with two of my oldest camp friends; how we have changed and how we have stayed friends as our lives have gone on! These days we talk about grandchildren, husbands, houses, hobbies; it’s all part of the “catch up.” I can still see in my friends’ faces (and my own) the young and pretty girls we were. And, quite frankly; we still are pretty good lookers!

It seems to me that only yesterday were we young girls at camp, giggling the night away after singing songs around the camp fire. I still see my old friends as children (me, too, of course), and am grateful for the get-togethers and catch-ups. How far we have come from Camp Sagiska! But how wonderful that we can still be friends after all these years. Somewhere deep in our aging bodies are the little girls we used to be; how fearless and wonderful we were! And these days; how fearless and wonderful we are!


One thought on “Old Friends

  1. Alison Jolda says:

    This post made me cry. I had some heavy thoughts last night as well. It really struck me that we are 68+ years old and still meeting now and then . I am especially grateful that Kathy got you and I back together. Our three lives are all very different but there is still some tie that binds us. Who knew those little girls at camp would remain friends for so many years??? Love you!

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