Soup Is A Good Thing

About six months before my mother died, we were talking about food. I told her that I and the Crankee Yankee had become very fond of soup for supper. She said, “now you’re old people!” We both laughed about that.

But think about it; our moms made tomato soup with crackers when we came into the house after rolling around in the snow. How warm and wonderful it was! There is something about hunkering over a steaming bowl of your favorite soup with some crackers on the side; it makes you feel warm all over. Over the years I’ve tried many soup recipes; some really good, and some really awful. But good old tomato soup is not only good, but it brings back good memories.

If you grew up in New England as I did, having soup for lunch or supper is pretty common. You can have it alone, or have a sandwich (you can’t beat grilled cheese and ham!) with it, or a salad. For me anyway, soup takes me back to being a child again. Funny how that works; you have soup with you’re young and you end up having soup when you’re old.

Remember that saying on TV about soup: “soup is good food.” Well, they were right; it is. And now that the Crankee Yankee and I are older, we generally have a goodish sized lunch, and for supper, something light; like soup. The days when I could scarf down a whole pizza at midnight and sleep like a baby is long gone. But that’s ok; our bodies change, and our meals change. However, soup works whether you’re young or old.

“Soupers” seem to follow two distinct ways to eat soup; in a bowl and using a spoon, or in a cup and drinking it. The Crankee Yankee and I are “spooners” ourselves. But it really doesn’t matter how you eat soup or whether you are young or old; soup truly IS good food.

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