Cat Entitlement

I have loved cats all my life, and have lived with many; currently we have five indoor cats and a small herd of outdoor cats (we feed and shelter them all). As has been said many times before, cats know that they were once revered as gods, and they have never forgotten it. They have more entitlement issues than your average spoiled brat movie star.

They have no problem hogging the bed at night (the Crankee Yankee always wakes up with at least one cat sleeping on his pillow and most of his head). Also, they can’t read, but they do know when it’s time to eat; which means they always let us know—loudly.

It’s been said that pets do wonders for us humans; just petting an animal helps to lower blood pressure and gives us comfort and calm. During the day, it’s not surprising to see at least three of the five cats snoozing on the bed. Pookie, our most shy cat, likes to burrow under the blankets on the bed. I can always tell when he’s under there; he makes soft little kitty snores.

As they are all indoor cats, we make sure that they have plenty of toys (usually the ones stuffed with catnip) to whack around the house. I always buy them “kicking sticks” (these are long cloth tubes filled with cotton and catnip); the cats adore them. It’s hilarous to watch them grab onto one, flop over on one side and bite and kick the crap out of them.

Most of our cats are “lap cats,” and love to sit in our laps and snooze. Of course, they aren’t fooling us for a minute; we are just big heating pads for them to enjoy. But we still appreciate it.

So yes; cats are definitely entitled, and boy, don’t they know it.

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