Men and TV

When it comes to watching TV (together in one room), there is a definite difference between men and women when it comes to who has the controller. Usually the Crankee Yankee has it, and he decides what is “good TV” vs. what he calls “bad/useless/not my thing” TV. He will land on something that looks interesting to me, and then click-click-click and we’re off again.

It’s the old story; men hunt, women nest. I’ll see something that looks pretty good, and I’ll want to know more about it, and then the dial sagain. The Crankee Yankee knows that I don’t care for watching sports of any kind, or most of the news. We have been married for 18 years, and he still doesn’t get that all that clicking around drives me nuts.

It comes down to this: men don’t necessarily want to know what’s on TV; they want to know what else is on TV. I think it’s just in men’s DNA; I really don’t think that they can help it.

So I always keep books in the living room; when I know that I’m just not going to enjoy anything the Crankee Yankee wants to see, I read. It’s my universal sign that says “I give up.”

To be fair, the Crankee Yankee understands that on some evenings there are a few programs I really like to watch; then he reads the paper or gets on the computer. Fair enough.

So why does this whole TV thing get out of hand? I think it’s just a man-thing. Also, in the Crankee Yankee’s mind, he feels that if we have seen something before, we don’t need to see it again. However, there are some programs (and books) that I like to see or read over again. The Crankee Yankee doesn’t share that opinion; he feels that if you see something once, you don’t need to see it again.

Ah well, this whole TV issue isn’t a huge deal, and he admits that he has a different take on things than I do. Besides, in the general scheme of things, it’s pretty small potatoes. I now call him the Mighty Hunter and he thinks that’s pretty funny. Sometimes humor can be the best medicine.



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