The Importance of a Good Bra

Is there anything worse than a bad bra? It’s uncomfortable, it doesn’t fit well, and worst of all, it makes your breasts look sad and tired. The chances are that you are buying the wrong bra for you. Once you get the bra that really works for you, it makes a HUGE difference: the “girls” look their best, your tops and sweaters look better, and you’ll feel years younger.

Do yourself (and your boobs) a huge favor and go to a lingerie store that has a bra fitter. At first you may be embarrassed (no woman really thinks that their breasts are perfect), but trust me; those bra fitters are experts and they’ve seen it all. The bra fitter will measure you and bring you bras that really work for you. Once you have a bra that is comfortable and makes you look good, you will never go back to buying any old bra.

The second time I had DCIS (Ductal Cancer in Situ), my right breast needed surgery and it certainly doesn’t look as good as my left breast. But there’s a bra for that! I’ve bought the same type of bra for years now, and it makes a huge difference in how I feel about myself. Let’s face it, a woman of my age (68 years old) needs a specific kind of bra that is 1) comfortable, 2) age appropriate (you don’t want to be that woman whose boobs are hiked up to your chin), and 3) makes you feel amazing.

We’ve all suffered through a day of wearing an uncomfortable bra. It’s no fun and it doesn’t do your self image much good either. Just so you know, it doesn’t cost you anything to get advice and help from experienced bra fitters. Again, those gals have seen everything boob-related; nothing bothers them. They are there to help you find the bra that feels great and makes you look great as well. Oh, and by the way; there is no extra charge for the services of a bra fitter.

Now, all that said, understand that buying a really good bra that is comfortable and makes you look amazing is not cheap. However, a good bra will last you for years *if you take good care of it. You will be amazed when your friends say “hey, you look great! Did you get a facial?” or “Wow—that top looks wonderful on you! Where did you buy it?” And so on. But best of all, you will be completely comfortable and you will look terrific.

*NEVER put your bra in the washer! (Especially if your bra has wire in it) Hand-wash the bra in your bathroom sink with warm water and suds. Personally I like to use Woolite Delicates. Rinse with warm water, carefully squeeze the excess water out (be careful that you don’t bend any wires in the bra) and hang the bra up to dry.

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