A Spring-Like Pond Walk

It’s been a while since I walked around the pond. But yesterday it felt like spring, and the Crankee Yankee suggested we go for a walk. Of course, the pond is iced over, but the sky was blue and the air was warm, so off we went.

We weren’t the only ones, either. It was a warm and lovely day, and we stopped and chatted with a few folks who had brought out their folding chairs and lap blankets were also enjoying the warmth and the sunshine.

Of course, the walk was a muddy one, but we enjoyed it all the same. Lots of folks were taking their dogs for a walk, and we got to talk with the owners and pat their furry friends. While the pond itself was still frozen, on the other side of the path there is a larger body of water. There were lots of “ice islands” bumping into each other, and the seagulls soared overhead, no doubt looking for a space of clear cold water to land in.

All of the pond’s turtles and frogs are hunkered way down into the mud to sleep through winter. Nature lets them know when it’s time to wake up and swim up to the surface and enjoy the sun and warmer water. In the meantime, we humans are taking advantage of every spring-like day.

New England, being the unpredictable place that it is, will often surprise us with some warm and sunny days here and there. It’s a welcome and rare gift, and yesterday we took every advantage of it.



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