The Beautiful Full Moon

If you looked up in the evening sky last night, you saw the beautiful full moon. As always, it looks like a golden coin in the sky. I have a “thing” for the moon; I always watch for it and love to see all the changes; crescent moon, half moon, full moon.

When I was a teenager in summer stock at the Barnstormers Players in Tamworth, NH, our actors were mainly older people who had worked at the Barnstormers for many summers. It was wonderful to work with them, and I got to know them well during that wonderful summer.

One of the most memorable shows for me was “Our Town.” All of us; teenagers, kids, older folks; just about every cast member was in it. One evening as we were half way through the play, the lights in the theater went out. But the backstage folk were on the job and in seconds they and some of the actors walked out on stage holding lit candles. Of course, the audience chuckled, and we went right on with the show. Actually, doing it by candle light made the show even better!

After we all took our bows and went backstage to get out of our costumes, we laughed about our “candle-lit” version of the show. As we walked back to the Tamworth Inn (where most of us hung our hats as we worked all summer long), we all looked up at the full moon that night.

Two of the older ladies had been walking arm and arm, chatting about the show. They stopped for a moment and looked up at the moon. One of them said, “you know, it’s just not the same since we had people walk on it.” They sighed and went on. Us young ones snickered and elbowed each other.

But, as I am so much older now, I get it. There is something magical and mysterious about our beautiful moon in all its phases. Much of the moon’s mystery is lost since we actually did have men on the moon.

But oh—how beautiful is the full moon still!

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