Our Good Intentions

Now and then, the Crankee Yankee will make one of his famous and fabulous breakfasts. Just the other day he made hash browns with bits of leftover steak; delicious. However, there is this: our biggest (and heaviest) black iron frying pan weighs a ton, and I am always the one who scrubs it out. (He means well, but often forgets all about that greasy pan.) Also, when he has finished his breakfast creation, the inevitable coat of grease is on the oven top, which I scrub off, as well as scrubbing the teapot, which always gets splattered with grease.

Now the Crankee Yankee always says not to bother with it; he’ll do it later. But, as we humans often do, he gets involved in other things. So, after years of nearly busting my back to clean that heavy frying pan, I simply put it in the sink and pour in dish soap and hot water and leave it there. Usually he will walk by the sink and say, ‘oh yeah, I forgot about the pan,’ and he will clean it.

Isn’t that just like us all? We get up with good intentions and sometimes we follow through; sometimes we don’t. And when I get irritated about that greasy pan I ask myself this: “is a greasy pan the worst thing in the world? No. Was that wonderful (and thoughtful) breakfast delicious? Yes—yes it was. Worth a greasy pan? Oh, yes.”

If I had the time to round up all my failings, I would have absolutely no time to do anything else. If I were to visit each and every person I failed, I would be apologizing for the rest of my life. Of course good intentions are great. But we are human and we often forget to follow through.

After having a good think about it all, I think that the occasional greasy frying pan is pretty small change compared to a wonderful breakfast. It reminds me of an old saying that goes: “Look at the doughnut, not the hole.” In other words, look at that fabulous breakfast of hash browns and steak compared to a greasy pan. Trust me: the breakfast is way worth it!


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