From the Frustration Nation

I’ll admit it: I am far crankier than the Crankee Yankee. This morning I could not get into my Yahoo account, which always makes me feel like the Dark Web is closing in on me. I tried to figure it all out and then just gave up—of course, along with much bitching and moaning.

I declared to the Crankee Yankee: “that’s IT! I give up; I don’t care, I am DONE.” And stormed off to watch bad television and sipping cold coffee. I’ve been using technology for a long time; longer than the Crankee Yankee has. However, he has far more patience with it than I do.

As always, he figured out what happened: the usual data breach try from some unknown entity, which means that Norton jumps in to preserve and prevent. Long story short, the Crankee Yankee fixed it, AND told me what happened.

Seriously, for an older person such as myself, I find that I am losing patience faster than a kid with a big bag of candy. For some reason, I have it in for most technology for just being too damned hard to figure out. For the few times that we really couldn’t fix our computer and had to take it to the experts, we always had to face the inevitable eye rolls and sighs. Seriously; do these smart and quite young experts get that we were not born into this; we are the dialing telephone generation? Oy vey!

But, peace has been declared, the Crankee Yankee is my Superman of the hour, the coffee is hot, the cats are all sleeping on our bed, and life is good. Isn’t it amazing how one little thing can change your perspective?


One thought on “From the Frustration Nation

  1. Alison Jolda says:

    Just glad I am not the only one. Technology is like men: can’t live with it and can’t live without it!

    Usually when I can’t do some function on the computer I bitch and moan as well. Then Jimmy comes and just stands here and I go to show him and it works. Figure that out??!!!

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